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 On July 282021, Oknha Song Saran, President of the CRF, participated as a guest speaker at the Cambodia Agripreneurs Conference within the topic of "Innovation of Agriculture for Sustainable Growth", organized by JCI Entrepreneur Square, co-organized with the CRF and the Cambodian Food Manufacturer Association, under the support of government institutions, private institution, national and international organizations such as the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, General Department of Agriculture, Khmer Entreprise, Feed Future, USAID, CAVAC, with the total participated of almost 300 people.
 On July 13, 2021, Cambodia Rice Federation organized an Extra-Ordinary Meeting “Adaptation of Economy-Cambodia’s Rice Export in the Context of COVID-19” via Zoom video, highly participated by Oknha Hun Lak, CRF’s Chariman, Oknha Song Saran, CRF’s President, H.E Oknha Dr Executive Advisor of CRF, and CRF’s member who are rice exporters, rice millers, in total around 60 participants.
In the first semester 2021, Cambodia exported the milled-rice to 49 destinations with  the volume 280,450 Metric Ton (MT), and values $ 202.67.

It dropped  29.47% comparing to the same period in 2020, but this volumes of 2021 is almost same as volumes exported in the  first six months of year 2017, 2018 and 2019. (Click here to read and download report in PDF)
Last week, on June 18, 2021, CRF’s president, Oknha Song Saran, has given an interview in the documentary video of a travel-cultural program called “INVITATION AU VOYAGE”, broadcasted by Arte, a well-known french-german channel. The documentary interview took place at the rice field near Kamping Pouy Basin of Battambong Province to feature specifically on rice sector related to Cambodian history.
On Friday, June 25, 2021, Oknha Song Saran has delivered a remark in the Signing Ceremony to support the development of Sustainable Rice Platform National Chapter in Cambodia, that the ceremony chaired by H.E. Dr. Ngin Chhay, Director General of GDA. 

This signing ceremony is the agreement through the discussion and preparation from the related stakeholders such as GDA, CRF secretariat, Swiss Contact, WCS, CIRAD, and other development organizations/institutions.
 On June 11, 2021, Oknha Song Saran, President of the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF), and Mr. Lun Yeng, Secretary General of the CRF, have participated in the online conference on "Implementation of the Economic Diplomacy Strategy 2021-2023organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cambodia.  The development of economic diplomacy strategies is important in improving the effectiveness of diplomatic work. The objectives of this strategy include: promoting international trade, attracting foreign direct investment, and promoting Cambodia's tourism and culture.
In the 5 month of 2021, Cambodia has achieved its rice export to 47 countries destination in the volume of 233,031 Metric Tons (MT), and generating in value of USD 166.81 Million. More than 52% of overall export or equal to more than 120,000 MT of milled-rice has exported to China market, including Hong Kong, Macau, in which bring about almost USD 77.52 Million as the value.
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Export Statistics
by Metric Tons
Monthly 2018 2019 2020 2021
1. january 62.623 59.625 50.450 34.273
2. February 47.809 52.861 86.049 41.949
3. March 50.683 58.335 94.449 77.466
4. April 36.239 42.942 69.304 38.807
5. May 42.865 36.409 55.845 40.536
6. June 31.318 31.366 41.563 47.419
7. July 25.543 26.475 28.413 ---
8. August 44.558 34.032 22.130 ---
9. September 47.626 56.541 40.572 ---
10. October 45.543 59.354 47.530 ---
11. November 62.433 56.209 64.740 ---
12. December 128.985 105.957 89.784 ---
Yearly Export 626.225 620.106 690.829 280.45
MOT- Sources: Secretariat One Window Service
(SOWS-REF) for rice export.