News & Event
On 30 June 2015, the Farming and Milling Productivity Executive Committee (FMP Exco) organized the 5th meeting at CRF office, Phnom Penh. 20 members of FMP Exco joined the meeting.
CRF under coordination from International Finance Corporation (IFC) had led a group of 10 companies to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong from 7-12 June 2015 for a market mission. The group had visited some supermarkets, wholesale stores, and some rice importers/traders in order to learn the possible rice market in China.
On 26 June 2015, there was a meeting between CRF and EU delegation at CRF Secretariat office, Phnom Penh. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss what EU could provide assistance for CRF in order to boost Cambodian rice industry.
Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) would like to inform you that Sihanoukville Autonomous Port has agreed to offer all CRF members a special LOLO charge to USD 24 excluding VAT per 20-foot container for rice export even though the containers do not enter Sihanoukville Autonomous Port starting 1 July 2015.
On 24 June 2015, the Global Market Promotion Executive Committee (GMP Exco) organized a Wrap Up Meeting on Exhibition and Market Mission in China at CRF Secretariat office, Phnom Penh.
On 23 June 2015, the Global Market Promotion Executive Committee​(GMP​ Exco) of CRF organized its 10th Exco meeting at CRF Secretariat office, Phnom Penh.
On 20 June 2015, CRF’s presidents, vice presidents, board members, and staff had spent one morning to visit Crystal Rice’s milling machine, owned by one of CRF’s members, in Kampot province.
On 12 June 2015, CRF organized its board meeting at CRF Secretariat office, Phnom Penh. 16 CRF board members and secretariat office staff members attended this meeting. The agenda of the meeting included the activities and financial report from
On 2 June 2015, Oknha Kim Savuth, vice chairman of Cambodia Rice Federation, and the president of Cost Competitiveness Executive Committee (C2 Exco) led the members to join the meeting with shipping line companies and the two ports at the ministry of public works and transport.
On 26 May 2015, CRF and its board members participated in a discussion meeting between Private Sector working group and the royal government working group on rice sector chaired by H.E Keat Chhon, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Private Sector Development Committee.

តម្លៃអង្ករនាំចេញ (FOB PRICE)
(Update: as of 02 March 2021)



តម្លៃស្រូវ (សើមនិងស្ងួត)- PADDY PRICE
(Update: 01 March 2021)

Export Statistics
by Metric Tons
Monthly 2018 2019 2020 2021
1. january 62.623 59.625 50.450 34.273
2. February 47.809 52.861 86.049 41.949
3. March 50.683 58.335 94.449 ---
4. April 36.239 42.942 69.304 ---
5. May 42.865 36.409 55.845 ---
6. June 31.318 31.366 41.563 ---
7. July 25.543 26.475 28.413 ---
8. August 44.558 34.032 22.130 ---
9. September 47.626 56.541 40.572 ---
10. October 45.543 59.354 47.530 ---
11. November 62.433 56.209 64.740 ---
12. December 128.985 105.957 89.784 ---
Yearly Export 626.225 620.106 690.829 76.222
MOT- Sources: Secretariat One Window Service
(SOWS-REF) for rice export.